Glasses Lenses Torquay

We take a lot of time to get to know our customers with the aim of understanding exactly what type of eyewear they need to suit their lifestyle. Our dedicated consultants always provide honest advice and support, helping you select the best option for your needs and budget. Our selection of glasses lenses in Torquay includes varifocal (progressive) and single vision lenses from leading brands such as Shamir, Zeiss and Hoya. Whether you desire light-reactive optics or need anti-glare, our range of prescription lenses offers an affordable choice for eyewear you will love.

Shamir – Perfect Vision, Personal Touch

Shamir is a leading innovator in ophthalmic lens technologies, and a top manufacturer of high quality progressive and single vision lens solutions. Shamir are personally committed to our customers’ vision, and to providing the best service and support to meet and exceed their expectations, all with a personal touch. Our R&D Department consistently develops the latest technologies including:

  • Shamir Glacier Anti-reflective coatings – Safeguarding lenses against scratching, reducing annoying glare and reflections, improving visual comfort, making lenses easy to clean and ensuring that they last longer.
  • Shamir Blue ZeroTM Lens-embedded blue light technology designed to reduce visual strain due to extended screen time and artificial light exposure.
  • Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™, Transitions® Style Colors® and Transitions® XTRActive® PolarizedTM Transitions® fastest, darkest, and most responsive range of light sensitive lenses.
  • Different progressive/varifocal lenses available for different visual requirements with clear vision at distance, arms-length and near.
  • Shamir Sports spectacles – wrapped style frames to enable the wearer to see clearly whilst active, including the Shamir Glacier Anti-fog coating preventing the spectacles from steaming up on the inside surface.

Hoya Vision Lenses

Hoya is a leading manufacturer of glass optics that you can trust. The Hoya Vision lenses range includes single vision, progressive (varifocal), indoor lenses and photochromatic light-reactive options. They also produce anti-reflective coatings for those that suffer from glare.

Their progressive lenses range includes Hoya’s innovative 3D Binocular Vision and AdaptEase Technology, which facilitates a smooth switch between near and far objects, so the wearer can easily adapt to different environments and activities without the need to change their glasses.

Hoya Vision’s single vision glass lenses are among the best on the market. Prescriptions for Hoya single vision optics are individually calculated with innovative point-by-point Free Form technologies for a pixel-perfect visual performance.

Zeiss Spectacle Lenses

Zeiss is a world-leading manufacturer of precision optics. To cater to your needs, Zeiss spectacle lenses provide an impressive choice so you can find the perfect match to suit your needs. The range includes:

Transition Lenses

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ automatically adapt to changing light; helping you protect your eyes, helping you see better, while always having light under control.

Transitions continues to offer innovative light intelligent solutions for everyone. NEW Transitions Signature GEN 8 is truly the best a lens can offer, offering you ultimate protection for your eyes whilst not compromising on style.

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